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Oklahoma Wildlife Department tells bass anglers not to procrastinate on spring fishing
March 4, 2005 -
Forget spring cleaning, now is the time for spring fishing - especially if you want to catch a lunker largemouth bass. With the warming water temperatures and lengthening days, the next few weeks offer anglers a prime chance at fish worth bragging about.

"I have been hearing very positive angler reports from all corners of the state," said Gene Gilliland, senior fisheries biologist with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. "In fact, I just heard of an 11-pound bass that was caught at Broken Bow Lake at a recent tournament,"

According to Gilliland, the time to go fishing is any time there is even a slight warming trend in water temperatures.

"Just a few degrees one way or the other can make a big difference when it comes to early spring bass fishing. The difference between 48 degree and 50 degree water temperature may not seem like much to you and me, but apparently it makes a big difference to a bass," Gilliland said.

There are a wide variety of lures that will catch big bass this time of year, but Gilliland said there are two standbys.

"Both jigs and suspending jerk baits are great choices for the early spring, but the best thing is to get out there and try different lures until you find what works best," Gilliland said.

If you're still a bit hesitant about braving the gusty spring winds, just take a look at the record books. The months of March and April have produced 15 of the top 20 largemouth bass in the state.

For more information about bass fishing in Oklahoma, log on to and pick up a copy of the "2005 Oklahoma Fishing Guide."

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