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A must
for all water craft

- Kayaks to Canoes
- Bass Boats to Pike Boats
- Paddle Boats to Pontoon
- Cruisers to Sailboats
- Life Rafts to Float Planes

For Trolling, Drift Fishing or Emergency Use!

- Easy to use
- Self-opening (Built-in floats & weight
- Adjust drag while in use
- Slows big boats
- Improves fishing success
- Provides greater boat control
- Aids disabled craft
- Allows instant collapsing for fast effortless retrieval
- Permits tandem use for extra drag when needed
- Reinforced construction
- Convenient storage bag
- Saves time, fuel & money
For Trolling: BOAT BRAKES™ are ideal for slowing fast trolling boats with high horse power engines. Eliminates the expense and need for small auxiliary trolling motors.
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For Drifting: BOAT BRAKES™ allow anglers to slowly drift over their favorite fishing spots on windy days. Eliminates the need to constantly run your engine to counteract the wind.
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For Emergency Use: BOAT BRAKES™ are a must for any disabled water craft to help keep the bow of the craft into the wind to minimize the possibility of swamping or capsizing. Unique dual-controal anti-spiral design permits tandem use when extra drag is needed.

BOAT BRAKES™ will add a new dimension of enjoyment and safety to the time you spend on the water. Designed to be fully adjustable while in use, BOAT BRAKES™ unique dual-control rope anti-spiral design also permits tandem use when extra drag is needed.

 Model #






 Suggested Uses For Best Performance

Trolling - Light and Medium Duty Boats

Trolling - Medium duty boats, cruisers, etc.
Drifting - Light duty boats through 14'

Trolling - Heavy duty boats to 33'
Drifting - Medium duty boats through 26'

Drifting - Heavy duty boats to 33'

Drifting - Heavy duty boats to 36'

Adjustable Range
of Drag Volume

1 - 42 Gallons

1 - 147 Gallons

1 - 351 Gallons

1 - 660 Gallons

1 - 1,200 Gallons







Order with an email or call us at 1-316-265-5551
Include shipping address, size of Boat Brake and credit card information in emails.

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