Do-It Weedless Casting Jig Mold

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Weedless Casting Jig

If you are looking for a true weedless swimming jig that tracks straight and runs evenly along your choice of depths, then this is your jig. The unique attributes of a 30 degree hook position forward on a carefully balanced bullet style head and properly positioned weedguard create a bait that begs to be ripped through the water column at your favorite honey hole. Step up to this truly different weedless swimming jig.

Tips on making weedless jigs

Way to read the pull down is as follows:
1st four #'s followed by * is the model #, then the rest is the # of cavities the mold has and what size that cavity is in oz.

 Weedless Casting Jig

  • Weedless Casting Jig - SMJ-3-SF

    Item# Type Collar Cavities Salt
    Hook Style
    3465 Casting Jig Ring & Barb 3 (1 Each Size) 1Yes Mustad 32886BLN
    Sizes (oz.)
    1/8 3/16 1/4
    Hook Sizes
    3/0 3/0 3/0-4/0
    Insert FG-30
    Eye Size
    3/32 1/8 1/8
  • Weedless Casting Jig - SMJ-3-MF

    Item# Type Collar Cavities Salt
    Hook Style
    3466 Casting Jig Ring & Barb 3 (1 Each Size) 1 Yes Mustad 32886BLN
    Sizes (oz.)
    5/16 3/8 1/2
    Hook Sizes
    3/0-4/0 4/0-5/0 4/0-5/0
    Insert FG-30
    Eye Size
    1/8 1/8 5/32

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