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Korker Convertible Wading Boots
One Boot - Six Sole Possibilities

The Outfitter - 7500 Series - With Felt and Rubber Lug Soles - $129.95
Comfort, comfort, comfort ­ need we say more? If even one of our Konvertible wearers returns home early because of a blister, we have failed as a company. To prevent that, we make our boots out of the finest leather and the highest quality cordura nylon there is. The sturdy, rugged, yet light-weight boot is our first product featuring the OmniTrax Sole Technology, and if we may say so ourselves, we're mighty proud of it.

The Wetlands - 7300 Series - With Felt and Rubber Lug Soles - $79.95
Building on the success of the Outfitter Konvertible boot, we took the basis of comfort and versatility to create our second boot in the Konvertible OmniTrax series. Upholding to our high standards, we have produced a boot that is affordable enough to let even those growing teenagers experience the Korkers revolution.


Felt Soles - $19.95
Compressed high quality felt designed for outstanding traction on wet, slimy and mossy rocks and river bottoms. Not recommended for hiking.

Rubber Lug Trail Soles - $19.95
Traditional Hiking boot sole. Multipurpose design excels on varied terrain including: muddy trails, clay banks, gravel, rocks weeds and wood surfaces.



Felt-Studded Sole - $29.95
Compressed high quality felt with protruding carbide spikes for variable wading conditions where extreme traction on rocks, shale, mud or slab granite may be encountered. Not recommended for hiking.

Studded Rubber Soles - $29.95
Durable rubber sole with protruding carbide spikes. Excels in the most demanding conditions where sharp, jagged, mossy rocks are present. Perfect for traction on logs and submerged wood debris. Great for jetties. Spikes are replaceable.


Boat Sole - $19.95
Soft, non marking rubber designed for use in all wood, fiberglass and aluminum boats. Will not mar or damage floors or painted surfaces.


AquaStealth® Soles - $29.95
Durable high traction rubber sole for use on trails and under water. Extra "spongy" for shock absorption. Studded AquaStealth® is also available.


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