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Lew Childre's legacy lives on with today's Lew's Reels

Lews ReelsIt was the late Lew Childre who started many of today's popular baitcast features, such as the low-profile design, a palming side cover and the disengaging levelwind. The owners and management of the company pledge to the Childre family, and to Lew's loyalists everywhere that they'll never forget the importance of innovation.

Speed Spool model BB1 - The Lew's® Speed Spool® model BB1 introduced anglers to several baitcast reel firsts, including the low-profile design, narrow spool, fully disengaging levelwind, and no-knob palming side cover. It became famous for its rugged durability, casting distance and comfort. Learn more.

Speed Spool Baitcaster -Great looking, smooth performing, ever ready and highly affordable … what more could you ask for in a baitcast reel? Don’t let modest pricing make you think these reels are anything less than quality performers because these are true Lew’s® Speed Spools® all the way. We’re talking aluminum frame, high ball bearing counts, strong brass gears and a great drag system. It takes just one cast to make a lasting impression.Learn more.


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