Limb Line Lights for running limb (set) lines

Limb Line Lights
Keeping an eye on your lines just got easier

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Limb Line Lights

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The principle behind Limb Line Lights is simple.

If you have ever enjoyed fishing with a bobber, or, of course the ultimate, the sound of a bait cast reel's clicker screaming as line is being stripped, then you'll love using Limb Line Lights.

What these methods all have in common, is the fact that they're meant to get your attention when a fish strikes, whether by sight or sound.

Quite simply, Limb Line Lights are the latest technology lights that have been design to be used in conjunction with Limb Lines. Which together makes for a style of catfishing that is both fun and effective.

Limb Line Lights knew they needed to:

  1. Make the Lights bright and energy efficient, so they used 1 Watt L.E.D. lights. So they can be seen from over 3/4 of a mile away.

  2. Have high visibility, so they have also included red cones.

  3. Limb Line LIghts needed to be water proof, so they made them completely submersible, up to 90 feet under water.

  4. Limb Line LIghts needed to have a special trigger that could be force adjustable depending on whether you limb line in rivers or lakes. So they designed the lights to be triggered (turned off/on) by using a magnet plug. As long as the plug stays attached to the light, the light remains off. Then you simply attach a leader string from the plug to the limb line, where, if a catfish strikes the limb line with enough force that might have stripped your bait, it pulls the plug off the light, which starts the lights flashing, a high energy burst every 2 seconds. They cover how to set the selectable force assembly which actually has 4 settings, in the introduction section.

  5. They also knew you needed a way to mount these lights on tree limbs that was easy and fast. So they designed a mounting bracket to hold the lights with a strap complete with a quick connect fastener. All you have to do is put the strap around the limb, quick connect it and cinch it tight. Then all that's left is connecting your leader string between the light and limb line.

  6. They needed to be durable, so they made everything out of high strength, injected molded polypropylene.

  7. They also knew, with limb lining done most the time at night, that you might even need them to be used as flashlights. In that case. All you need to do is take the magnet plug and attach it to the back side and the lights stays on constant.

Point is, Limb Line LIghts are BRIGHT, easy to use, and very, very effective. So once you set them out, everyone at camp can watch for them to go off.

Order Now - $119.99


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