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Net Light attaches to any fish net or pole with an adjustable strap. Now, netting fish at night is easier than ever. The 5 LED flashlight has the light output of a car's fog lights. Its special light weight design won't slow down your netting technique. Best of all, Net Light is shock proof, waterproof and it floats. Detach the flashlight to set lures, illuminate your toolbox, or for a number of other great uses!

Net Light runs off of three AAA batteries which come included with packaging. You'll enjoy 36 hours of life on fresh batteries. The detachable MiniBeam flashlight is shock proof, water proof, and it floats - an excellent addition to your tackle box.

In addition to its primary use in fishing, Net Light can also be attached to a variety of other poles used for activities such as spearing, frog gigging, or even on gaffs for gaffing fish at night. It also works on animal control poles which can be used to catch dogs, raccoons, snakes, and more.

Attach Net Light to your fishing rod handle when fishing at night this will let you see your pole and also makes it easy to tie, bait or remove hooks. Net Light will make it easy to see and bring fish into a clear area for landing. You will also like the fact that one thing you won't see is all the bugs hanging around like when fishing with white lights or lanterns.


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