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NEW Fenwick® ELITE TECH Series Rods

NEW- "Fenwick® ELITE TECH rods are the PERFECT Fishing Rods"- Hank Parker.

As one of the world's premier rod builders, Fenwick® challenged their Senior Engineers and their Elite Pros to think outside the box, and to design and produce the finest fishing rods ever built, and they overdelivered. They not only built the finest fishing rods made, but they built one to perfectly meet the specific technical needs of each and every fishing technique.

Whether you pitch, flip, crank, drop shot, jerk, skip, stroke, jig, worm, carolina rig, spinnerbait, swim bait, or fish frog baits, Fenwick® has built the PERFECT rod to meet your specific need. Each model is designed with unique components to provide maximum performance.

Special handles were designed for each fishing application, and the blanks and guides are tuned for maximum strength and sensitivity. Fenwick® ELITE TECH rods are truly perfect fishing rods for every fishing application.

Learn more about rods designed for the techniques you and order online or pick up in our store.

Crankbait Fishing - Fenwick® ELITE TECH CRANKSHAFT Crankbait Casting Rods

Drop Shot Fishing - Fenwick® ELITE TECH DROP SHOT Spinning Rods

Carolina Rig Fishing - Fenwick® ELITE TECH RIGGIN'STIK Spinning and Casting Rods

Jerk Bait Fishing - Fenwick® ELITE TECH JERKIN' STIK Spinning Rod

Target/Spinnerbait Fishing - Fenwick® ELITE TECH TARGET/SPINNERBAIT CASTING Rods



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