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Regardless of the type of fish you're going after,
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American made Vicious line is the choice for you

Ultimate - Vicious strikes need Vicious quality to stand up to them. Vicious Ultimate handles them all. Vicious stakes its reputation on it!

The ability to make superior line that lives up to the angling communities expectations takes hard work, dedication and keeping up with the latest in technology. Advanced Copolymer Technology (A.C.T.)™ will stand the test of time.

Utilizing more than 30 years experience in the line business, ACT formulation means dependability. Built with high tensile strength, very low stretch, superior knot strength, superior castibility and ultimate impact characteristics make this line top-notch by any standard.

Whether you're after slab crappie or fish heavy cover for big bass, Vicious is the line for you.

The 660-yard spool comes in a box that serves as a spooling station with an opening on the side for casting reels and on one end for spinning reels. A line clip is on the other end of the box to hold your line after you're finished spooling your reel.

Available in a range from 4-pound test to 30 and the price is right. Clear and low-vis green.

4-10 $11.99 ~ 12-15 $13.99 ~ 20 $14.99 ~ 30 $16.99

In our store or order online

Fluorocarbon - There are numerous companies building fluorocarbon line but none like Vicious Fluorocarbon. Built for extreme sub-surface applications, Vicious Fluorocarbon will get you more strikes and help you put them in the boat. We build Vicious Fluorocarbon to withstand the toughest environments.

Designed with high tensile strength and low diameter it is virtually invisible underwater and detects even the lightest of bites. Best of all, Vicious Fluorocarbon is built to withstand the toughest hook sets.

Vicious Flourcarbon 4# - 10# $ 9.99 ~ 12# - 20# $ 10.99

In our store or order online

Offshore - Built with the same A.C.T.™ characteristics as Ultimate - but with big fish and saltwater conditions in mind - Vicious OffShore is manufactured for the die-hard saltwater enthusiast. Available in clear, high-vis yellow and high-vis green.

$8.99 for 1/4# spool ~ 20 - 50 pound test

In our store or order online

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