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Ari 't Hart Ari 't Hart

For 50 years, Ari ‘t Hart has been internationally recognized as the master architect of the modern fly fishing reel. This incomparable industrial designer continues to combine cutting edge technology, space age metallurgy and old world craftsmanship to create functional works of art. An Ari ‘t Hart design is the only reel on permanent display in the Architecture and Design Collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City . Collectors, heads of state and royalty covet his work and often present his reels as gifts to business associates and guests.

From his studio in Holland , Ari designs the prototypes of his reels by hand. He then personally supervises production of his designs during each limited run. “My reels are futuristic, made with the absolute best of materials and, of course, they must be beautiful,” says Ari, who finds inspiration in some of the most spectacular fly fishing locations in the world, including Chile , Patagonia and New Zealand.

One of Ari’s creations is presently featured in the Architecture and Design Collection at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the only fly fishing reel to be accorded such an honor. But although the master craftsman's work has a futuristic look, Hart himself remains old school, never taking a fish with him. "When I catch a fish, I give it a kiss and let it go. I tell him that maybe I will catch him another day," says Hart.

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