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Charlie's Magnet Crankin' Craw
The original crawfish crankbait
from Bass Hunter Lures

Bill Norman Lures has been purchased by PRADCO and these lures were discontinued. We have searched our warehouse and have found all of them we can. They will be available until we run out. We will work to note colors we are out of as we run out of them. Sometimes, we may be out of a color or size even though it shows they are available for order. If you order some that we happen to be out of, we will contact you before processing your order.

When these are gone, they're gone. Can't get any more.

Sorry, all of these are gone.
If we run across any, we will post it here and on our facebook page.

Not just a crawfish imitation but a tool for your crankin' arsenal. Each Crankin' Craw is precisely painted to meet specific fishing situations from the molting crawfish to the Cajun Craw. Every one of these lures is paited with Sunshine Gel-Coat with a lifetime guarantee.

In addition, each Crankin' Craw suspends when stopped to perfectly match the stop and go action of a crawfish. One last word on the Crankin' Craw, if you consider yourself a serious small mouth fisherman this is a must have crankbait.

At Norman, they build tools, not toys. Made in America.

Color Description
See Color Chart at bottom of page
MG1 - 1/8oz
Approx 2 1/4" length
MG2 - 1/4oz
Approx 2 3/4" length
MG3 - 3/8oz
Approx 3 1/2" length
MG4 - 5/8oz
Approx 4 1/4" length
101P - Chart/Orange Belly Out Out Out Out
102P - Red Out Out Out Out
103P - Light Brown Out Out Out Out
105P - Green Back/Orange Belly Out Out Out Out
**113P - Black/Blue Fleck Out Out Out Out
114P - Fire Tiger Out Out Out Out
121P - Grey/Black Out Out Out Out
**123BP - White/Pepper Out Out Out Out
**131P - Texas Red Craw Out Out Out Out
**135P - Orange/Gold Fleck Out Out Out Out
**145P - Brown/Chart/Orange Out Out Out Out
**154P - Spring Crawdad Out Out Out Out
**181P - Chart/Blue/Black Fleck Out Out Out Out
**SH21 - Chart/Pink Out Out Out Out
**SH31 - Red/Black Out Out Out Out
**SH35 - Orange/Pink Out Out Out Out
**SH37 - Red/Pink Out Out Out Out
**SH40 - Firestick Out Out Out Out
**SH54 - Natural Sand Shrimp Out Out Out Out
**SH64 - Orange/Chartreuse Out Out Out Out
Input quantity for every item you would like then click add to cart

Priced at $5.49 each & **Gel-Coat at $6.59 each

Bass Magnet Color Chart

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