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Bee'-Jay has been catching fish since 1950

Bee'Jay has been catching catfish since 1950 when two brothers, Rudy and Bob Zurbuchen, in North Kansas City came up with the formula still used today. Bee'-Jay is one of the oldest catfish baits on the market. There must be a reason.

Mike Schultz & Don Leupold, both outdoorsmen and business men, purchased the company in 2012 and continue to use the traditional original recipes that have made this product know to fishermen worldwide. Their goal is to carry on the Bee'-Jay tradition by producing quality fishing products so families and fishermen alike can create lasting memories for generations to come.

Their research team has developed a new line of bait for the Carp Fishermen. The Carp bait is available in two styles, a ready made and a dry mix formula. The ready made formula comes in three fish catching scents ready for you to put on your #4 Treble Hook. The dry mix formula allows you to mix up just the amount you need at the time. You simply stir in water with the bait and insure that the product is mixed up well and then let the bait fly into your favorite fishing hole!

Bee-Jay Carp Bait Ready Made
10 oz - $2.99
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Bee-Jay Carp Bait Dry Mix
16 oz - $5.49
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***Helpful Shipping Tips***
If you are looking to maximize your freight we can do the following combinations for you through the USPS. Med. Flat Rate Box $11.30 will hold up to 6 jars. Large Flat Rate Box $15.80 will hold up to 9 jars. We will still ship via UPS or FedEx for you if it is less than the Flat Rate Charge from the USPS.

The post office introduced a new regional flat rate box recently. Since that time, many of our customers have seen the shipping charges be less that they were in the past. Box A holds five doughbait jars or three dip bait jars. Box B holds nine doughbait jars or six dip bait jars. If you live close enough to Kansas, the regional boxes are usually the least expensive. We always work to ship at the lowest cost for our customers.

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