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We've been selling dip bait from Cat Tracker
longer than any other bait.

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Cat Tracker was founded in 1988 in Dubuque, Iowa by Junnie Mihalakis from homemade formulas tested in catfish habitat throughout the United States. The research continues around the world thanks to a growing fan base of fishing enthusiasts who have discovered catfishing. We have it for sale and were one of the earliest distributors of Cat Tracker baits.

This bait is the favorite of many of our walk-in customers as well as our internet customers.

Wicked Sticky  The name speaks for itself, and the bait! (WICKED STICKY.) A thick and rich recipe of cheese dip bait. This bait will stick to the worms in the heaviest of currents.

Wicked Sticky Sewer Dip
 Junnie's Wicked Sticky Sewer Bait is a very rich and dark dip bait and is most effective during hot summer weather.

Wicked Sticky Blood Dip  Blood Bait's key ingredient is dry livestock blood which gives this dip bait a high amino acid content. Blood Bait is best used in the spring and the fall catfish seasons.

Don't Forget  to order your dip worms for this great catfishing bait. Order them here.

Cat Tracker Wicked Sticky Sewer Bait is the "go to" bait for hot summer months.

Junnie's Wicked Sticky - Blood Bait - 15 oz. Jar
$5.99 - Qty.

Junnie's Wicked Sticky - Regular 15 oz. Jar
$5.99 -Qty.

Junnie's Wicked Sticky - Sewer Dip 15 oz. Jar
$5.99 -Qty.

Junnie's Wicked Sticky - Blood Bait 60 oz. Tub
$21.99 -Qty.

Junnie's Wicked Sticky - Regular 60 oz. Tub
$21.99 -Qty.

Junnie's Wicked Sticky - Sewer Dip 60 oz. Tub
$21.99 -Qty.
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* Note about shipping *
The bait is a heavy item in relation to the value so the shipping may be adjusted to cover actual freight charges. We always compare USPS vs. UPS/FedEx to find the lowest cost for the customer. If you have a UPS/FedEx recognized business address, shipping to it will save you money on shipments with them ($3.00 on average).

If you are looking to maximize your freight
we can do the following combinations for you thru the USPS.
Med. Flat Rate Box $12.72 holds up to 6 jars or 2 tubs or 1 tub and 3 jars
Lg. Flat Rate Box $17.47 holds up to 12 jars or 4 tubs.

The post office introduced a new regional flat rate box recently.
Since that time, many of our customers have seen the shipping charges be less than they were in the past.
Box A holds three jars or one tub and one jar.
Box B holds six jars or two tubs and two jars.

We always work to ship at the lowest cost for our customers

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