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Plastic Color

M-F plastic color is a highly concentrated liquid specially formulated for coloring liquid plastic. Now available in 50 colors, a 1-oz bottle is sufficient to color one gallon of liquid plastic.
1 oz. bottle - $3.99

* Colors marked should be added to plastic before heating for best results.

NB = Non-bleed - Changeable = Changeable

Now available in 90 colors, a 1-oz. bottle is sufficient to color one gallon of Liquid Plastic.

Color Information

Any M-F liquid color can be transparent depending the amount of colorant added while powders act as an effect additive.

Non bleed liquid colors can make laminants, tails or any part you want to use and not change either color while bleeder colors will bleed or may change the color of the layer, tail or any part of your baits. 

Example; Strawberry with a white tail. The tail will start turning the tail pinkish from the red material used in the bleeder liquid color and can change as fast as overnight. Most transparent colors are transparent no matter how much color you add and are usually bleeders.

All non bleed color can be used in any way and not affect any part you your custom bait or component used. Any color can be somewhat transparent depending on the amount of liquid colorant used.

Additives such as PVC paint, scent, adhesive or any other brand plastic colorant may make a non-bleed color bleed.

Powder colors can be used as an additive for hi-lites for baits or by themselves all depending what you are trying to make. 

Click on color to order $3.99 each

Check out the newest colors from M F Manufacturing
at the bottom of the color list below.
The new colors were released in 2013

Black NB 3301
Blue 3302
Grape 3303
Green 3304
Orange NB 3305
Purple 3306
Red NB 3307
Yellow NB 3308
White NB3309
Strawberry 3310
Watermelon Green 3311
Brown NB 3312
Iridescent Pearl NB 3313
Pearlescent NB 3314
Violet NB 3315
Brn/Grape (changeable) 3316
Motor Oil (changeable) 3317
Crayfish 3318
Emerald Green 3319
Indigo (Black-Grape) 3320
Flo. Orange* NB 3321
Flo. Pink* NB 3322
Flo. Chartreuse* NB 3323
Flo. Blue* NB 3324

Flo. Green* NB 3325
Trans. Flo. Chart 3326
Transparent Flo. Org 3327
Jelly Red (Firetail) 3328
Transparent Flo. Red 3329
Silver 3330
Root Beer 3331

Blue NB 3332
Transparent Yellow NB 3333
Pumpkin 3334
Amber 3335

Transparent Brown 3336
EarthwormNB 3337
Green NB 3338
Purple NB 3339

Trans. Flo. Yellow 3340
Silver PearlNB 3341

Watermelon NB 3342
Watermelon Brn NB 3343
Amber Green NB 3344
Blue Smoke Pearl NB 3345
Maroon-Red Shad NB 3346
Cinnamon NB 3347
Bubble Gum NB 3348
Org Pumpkin NB 3349
Green Pumpkin NB 3350
Blue Crawfish (changeable) 3351
Strawberry NB 3352
Baby Bass NB 3353
Trans. Orange 3354
Green Chart. NB 3355
Chart. Pumpkin NB 3356
Gold Smoke Pearl NB 3357
Purple Smoke Pearl NB 3358
Green Smoke Pearl NB 3359
Silver Smoke Pearl NB 3360
Gold Earthworm NB 3361

Green Earthworm NB 3362
Red Earthworm NB 3363
Brown Mayfly NB 3364
Copperhead NB 3365
Cutthroat Trout (changeable) 3366
Rudd Finn NB 3367
Purple Zonker 3368
Junebug 3369

Newest Colors
Hot Pink NB 3370
Gold Shad 3371
Chartreuse Chad NB 3372
Baby Blue NB 3373
Green Pumpkin Green NB 3374
Light Watermelon 500 NB 3375
White Pearl NB 3376
Dark Watermelon 3377

Pearl Violet NB 3380
Pearl Gold NB 3381

Powder Colors
2 oz jar - $4.99
901P Pearl
902C Copper
904IP Iridescent Pearl
916BG Blue/Green Pearl
940YGN Yellow Green Neon
908BB Blue Pearl Brilliant
701G Nite Glow

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