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Abu Garcia MAX Series offer great quality performance and price

NEW! Introducing the MAX™ series low profile baitcast reels from Abu Garcia®. The vintage names; Pro MAX™, Silver MAX™, and Black MAX™ that bring back visions of hefty limits of largemouth bass and walleye.

When a day of fishing meant pre-dawn cross lake excursions, weary arms and sunburn necks, topwater heart stopping excitement, and the powerful Texas rig hook set, the MAX™ series of low profile baitcasters merit the names so linked with the best that fishing has to offer.

No corners cut on these reels. Swedish engineering, MagTrax™ brakes, Duragear™ brass gears, 6.2:1 high speed retrieve, cam lock, ADS (anti-distortion) wiffle spool, instant anti-reverse, and the Abu Garcia® name that anglers around the world trust to meet their fishing needs.

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PROMAX - 8 ball bearings - Right Hand - 6.2:1 - 12/160


SILVERMAX - 6 ball bearings - Right Hand - 6.2:1 12/160


BLACKMAX - 5 ball bearings - Right Hand - 6.2:1 12/160

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