Bill Norman Weedwalker
The original weed walker

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Sorry, we are completely out.

If we find any, we will put them back on this page.

Having problems catching bass because of all the moss?

The Bill Norman Weedwalker is the solution to your problem

The Weedwalker from Norman Lures has been catching bass for years. It's great in open water, but it's even greater over weeds and moss. The design of the lure causes the hook to ride up which makes it virtually weedless. The paddlewheel type prop kicks of a fishing catching noise as it comes across the top of the water.

The Bill Norman Weedwalker is available in two sizes and five colors. Zeiner's stocks both sizes and all the colors. Stop by the store and check them out or you can order them below.

This lure belongs in your tackle box. Better yet, it belongs on the end of your line when you want to fish over that stand of weeds or moss in your favorite fishing hole.

We also have other snagless lures like the Snagproof series of baits, Scum Frogs, Spro Frogs and others.

Bill Norman Lures has been purchased by PRADCO and these lures were discontinued. We have searched our warehouse and have found all of them we can. They will be available until we run out. We will work to note colors/sizes we are out of as we run out of them. Sometimes, we may be out of a color or size even though it shows they are available for order. If you order some that we happen to be out of, we will contact you before processing your order.

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Bill Norman Weedwalker White
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Bill Norman Weedwalker Black
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Bill Norman Weedwalker Chartreuse
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Bill Norman Weedwalker Bullfrog
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Bill Norman Weedwalker Natural Frog
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