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Lots of tackle in today's world is mass produced by multi-million dollar machines in secret warehouses run by robots in cold far off lands. Not our idea of tackle. When we set out to build the world's finest poured tackle, we didn't have to look very far. These infividualized works of art are hand poured with our molds and are fiven all the love and attention that you yourself would provide. Maybe you don't have the time to pour, maybe you just like to spend your time painting, what ever the reason, we understand. It's about making something the right way...your way.

Do-It Molds Bullet Spinnerbait
Bullet Spinnerbait

Do-It Molds Ultra Minnow Spinner
Ultra Minnow Spinner

Do-It Molds Buzz Bait
Buzz Bait

Do-It Molds Weedless Casting Jig
Casting Jig - Weedless

Do-It Molds Football Head Screw-Loc
Football Head - Screw-Loc

Do-It Molds Weedless Football Head Jig
Football Head - Weedless

Do-It Molds Weedless Posion Tail Jig
Poison Tail Jig - Weedless

Do-It Molds Shake-It Jig
Shake-It Jig

Do-It Molds Shake-It Jig Screw Loc
Shake-It Jig - Screw-Loc

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