Do-It Molds : Jig, sinker & lure molds for pouring your own lead fishing tackle

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Complete selection of supplies to make your own fishing lures, sinkers, jigs, baits, and much more...

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When pride is on the line use Do-It molds lure making supplies. A complete selection of supplies to make your own fishing lures, sinkers, jigs, baits, and much more...

Do-It Sinker and Lure Molds and Lure Making Supplies are just what you need for making your own tackle

If you make your own sinkers and lures or you want to start making them, our selection of Do-It sinker and lure molds will help you get just what you need. If we don't have the Do-It mold you need, we can order it for you. We usually order from Do-It several time each week.

We stock close to 500 different models of lead and soft plastic molds. We also have all the hooks, swivels, wires, blades, split rings and other supplies you need.

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Here is a picture of a 17 lb steelhead that I caught on the Clearwater River in Orofino, Idaho in October of 2010.  I caught her on a yellow chartreuse, size 6 jig (one that we made with your hooks, mold and paint).  She was 34 inches long. (Click on photo for larger view)


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