Do-It Football Jig with Screw-Loc

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Football Jig with Screw-Loc

With its ability to wobble twitch and not fall over, this design reigns supreme in the finesse world. Get the livewell going.

Way to read the pull down is as follows:
1st four #'s followed by * is the model #, then the rest is the # of cavities the mold has and what size that cavity is in oz.


Tokar Football Jig with Screw-Loc Mold

Trokar Football Head Jig Mold"Throw the Bomb" - This football is flat on purpose. Helps the bait to stand up making it irresitable to any fish in the area. This mold makes use of the Laser Trokar jig hooks.


  • Trokar Football Head Jig With Screw-Loc - FBS-5-ATK new

    Item# Type Collar Cavities Salt
    Hook Style
    3493 Trokar Football Head Jig w/ Screw-Loc No Collar 5 (1 Each Size) saltYes TK815
    Sizes (oz.)
    1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2 5/8
    Hook Sizes
    4/0 4/0 4/0 4/0 4/0
    Insert Do-it Screw Loc


  • Order Your Model 3493 Mold Now - $33.96

    Order Your TK815 Trokar Hooks Now - 15 pack $15.99 - 4/0

    Order Your Screw Locs by clicking here

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