Do-It Round Head Jig - Ultra Precision

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Round Head Jig - Ultra Precision

Semi-Custom ultra precise molds are designed to exacting standards for professional use. Very small jigs require molds made to extremely tight tolerances. These molds are completely machined from our blank mold frame using a computer-controlled mill. Each cavity, hook receptacle and pouring gate is individually milled to perfect alignment and fit. Pouring gates are designed for the professional with minimum opening to permit quick and clean sprue twist off. Minimum gates make pressure casting from a bottom-pour lead furnace mandatory with these molds. Semi-Custom models are exceptionally accurate and precise. The investment in these molds can be quickly recovered through increased productivity when producing small jigs in commercial quantities.

Way to read the pull down is as follows:
1st four #'s followed by * is the model #, then the rest is the # of cavities the mold has and what size that cavity is in oz.



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