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Weighted Hook Jig

Do-It has the answer for swimbaits. There are plenty of plastic and hook choices on the market. Do-It has built a weighted hook jig to satisfy as many options as possible for you. Their geometrical design creates a weighted hook that runs true and gives a great balance with the plastic bait you chose. The design maximizes hook setting power. You can use a weighted wide gap worm hook or you can use a jig hook with a hitch hiker to hold your bait.

Way to read the pull down is as follows:
1st four #'s followed by * is the model #, then the rest is the # of cavities the mold has and what size that cavity is in oz.

weighted hook jig

weighted hook jig hook chart

Item 3454 uses styles 243 - 744 - 38104 hooks

Item 3456 uses Mustad style 91768BLN hooks

Item 3455 uses style 38104 and 91768 hooks

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