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Punch baits can be thickened with a little effort

Ever wish you had a little more fiber in your punch bait? This is often a problem when your bait gets hot in summer fishing. The first thing to do is cool down your bait. That will help make the bait more usable. When the bait gets hot, the cheese base (and any fish ingredients) will tend to get more oily and will seem like you need more fiber in your bait. Here’s a hint that can beef up the fiber in your punch bait.

Grab a pack of cotton balls and pull several apart. Then get a container that’s larger than the one you have your bait in. You want that larger container so you have plenty of room to mix your bait. (We’ve even heard of people that save all their dryer lint and use it. That’s the ultimate in recycling.)

Now dump the bait in the larger container and mix in the cotton pieces you’ve made by tearing up the cotton balls. Work it well so you can get all the oils from the bait mixed in.

Test the bait to see if it has the amount of fiber you like. If it’s still not quite like you like it, add some more. It’s generally better to mix in more than to try to figure out what to do if you have added too much fiber. Once you have the bait to your liking, you can put it back in its original container and head on out and go fishing. If you’re out fishing and want to increase the fibers, look for a cattail and use it like you would the cotton balls.

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