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We now have part of our fly tying supplies available in our secured shopping cart. We will be adding more as quickly as possible. Click here to see it

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Information on Winter Trout Fishing in Missouri

Accessories to make your fly fishing experience successful.
Books & Videos about fly fishing and fly tying to help you learn or improve you skills.

Fly Line & Leaders are waiting for you. Zeiner's is a Rio and Cortland dealer which makes their complete lines of merchandise available to you through special order if it's not in stock.

Need help loading your reel with high quality Cortland or Rio line? Let Dave Johnson load your reel with the right amount of backing to go with your line and they'll have you ready to go.

Reels from Redington, Bass Pro's White River Fly Shop and Cortland are featured in addition to the ever faithful line of Martin and Pfleuger fly reels. Pictured is the Cortland Embassy. Visit our store to see the selection of reels. We can special order for you also if we don't have the reel you would like. We can also load your reel with backing and line to have you ready to go.
Rods from Cortland, Daiwa,
St. Croix, and Redington are available for the beginner as well as the experienced fly fishing angler. Zeiner's is a direct dealer for Cortland, Daiwa, and Redington as well as a St. Croix Ultra Dealer. Special orders are no problem. Bass Pro's White River line is also available through special order at Bass Pro's catalog prices with no shipping or handling.
Korkers Convertible Sole Wading Boots - This has to be one of the best ideas in wading boots to ever come along. Available in two models, the boat comes with felt and rubber trail soles. Four other styles of soles are also available. Read About Them
Fly tying equipment and supplies are avaliable in a wide variety for people wanting to make their own flies.

Montana Fly Fishing - Provides detailed fly fishing information that covers all major rivers, lakes and National Park waters in Montana. Extensive photo gallery of Montana.


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