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You will find the state's largest selection of equipment
supplies for making your own lures and sinkers
at Zeiner's.

Fly tyers will also find a super selection of materials and equipment.

See how to pour your own soft plastic baits

Components for all types of lures are available. Whether it's beads, blades, clevis', lead, paints, plastic liquid, skirt materials, hairs and feathers, thread, split rings, weed guards, wire and wire forms or something else, you'll probably find it at Zeiner's. See our Fire-Fly skirts. See our online catalog with our fly tying and lure making supplies.

Molds for making your own jigs, spinner baits, spoons, sinkers and other lead items await you at Zeiner's. Checkout our molds and starter kits from Do-It. Want to make your own soft plastic baits? Zeiner's has molds for that too. See our new online catalog with our molds for making soft plastic baits and lead sinkers and lures.

Rod Building supplies like guides, tips, threads, and finish are always in stock. Blanks can be ordered for you.

Tools and Equipment including lead pots, pliers, scissors, skirt factories and wirebenders can be found at Zeiner's.

Books and Videos that show how to do it, are also available. Check out the Complete Book of Tackle Making.

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