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Available in our store for $6.95 or order online

Chatterbait™ from Rad Lures™

For the fisherman who understands why bass react and strike some lures and ignore others!

Coupled with the new Z-Man EZ Skirt™, the Chatterbait™ has the profile of a jig, the flash of a spinnerbait, and more vibration than most crankbaits. Just by adding the Elaztech™ Split-tail Trailer, a fisherman can adapt this lure to most fishing situations.

The Chatterbait™ was designed to be retrieved around structures with the action of a crankbait, profile of a jig, and flash of a spinnerbait. Its unique design with the chatter blade attached to the hook eye prevents most hang-ups by keeping the jig hook in the upright position. When retrieved at moderate to high speeds, the erratic action mimics fleeing prey (shad, crawfish, etc.) and results in many reaction strikes.

Simple concept, Tremendous action

Many lures have been created with the coupling of a weighted jig and a blade. Only the Chatterbait™ with its patent-pending design enables a jig to behave like a crankbait. The intense vibrating action is due to water pressure pushing the blade rapidly back and forth (several times per second) on the jig's eyelet. (The action can be changed by bending the tail of the blade: more erratic - tail straight, less erratic - tail bent down.) Within seconds of seeing or feeling the action, fishermen realize this realistic motion is unmatched by any lure on the market today. It produces the type of action that triggers the larger fish that have been conditioned to traditional lures with predictable movements.

World's only snag-resistant jig with no weed-guard

Although no jig can make the claim of being 100% snag-free, several are made to be highly snag-resistant. All these types of jigs enlist the aid of fiber or weed guards that all fishermen know hamper hook-setting ability. The Chatterbait™ is different. Along with its aggressive action, it is over 90% snag-free! This is due to the blade preventing jig roll-over, thus keeping the hook point up at all times even when being fished through the heaviest cover. Imagine fishing your favorite jig dressing through any type of cover and not having to worry about missed strikes due to a weed-guard.

Quite possibly fishing's most versatile lure

Fishermen have their favorite lures, and usually these favorites are ones that can be adapted to the most situations. Standard Chatterbait™ models are designed to produce results with techniques from bank-beating on shorelines with scattered cover to slow-rolling along ledges, points, and drop-offs. By simply changing the dressing, the lure takes on totally different characteristics. Remove the skirt and trailer and add a soft plastic jerkbait, and you have a lure that behaves like the most active of crankbaits and makes an awesome schooling fish bait. Remove that and add a skirted grub or creature bait, and you have a bottom-crawling jig with an attitude that is deadly on less active post frontal bass. Match these features with the Chatterbait's™ bullet-like casting action and amazing depth control, and you have a lure that can produce remarkable results in most fishing conditions.

Available in our store for $6.95 or order online

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