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Mad Man Craws Color Chart and Ordering

Advice from Professional Angler and
Team Mad Man Member Jeff Kriet

Texas Rigging and Flipping The Mad Man Crawfish Tube

I have had great success flipping the Mad Man Crawfish Tube into all kinds of cover. From lilly pads on the Potomac to water hyacinths on the Louisiana Delta and most recently into laydowns and docks in Missouri. Our customers are also reporting success flipping the crawfish tube into flooded bushes and flipping into grass with a football head jig.

3 Inch - Any offset wide gap hook. I prefer a Gamakatsu 1/0 G-Lock. I normally use a 1/16oz. to 14oz. bullet weight.

4 Inch - Any offset wide gap hook. I prefer a 3/0 Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Superline, however many of our Pros prefer a 4/0 or even a 5/0 hook. Weight size depends on the application. I have used anything from a 1/16 oz. up to a 1 oz. weight to bust through the mats.

5 Inch - Any offset wide gap hook. It is more important with this bait than with the other two sizes to have a heavy hook. I prefer a 5/0 Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Superline. Once again, weight size depends on the application.

Casting and Swimming the Mad Man Crawfish Tube

The same hooks used for flipping the bait can be used for casting or swimming the Mad Man Crawfish Tube. It is important however, to add some weight to the shank of the hook for this application. This prevents the bait from rolling. All tube style baits roll in the water but it becomes more noticeable with the crawfish tube due to its life-like detail. Weight can be added in several ways. I prefer to add two strips of suspend strips to the shank of my hook. By using this thin lead wrap I am able to change bait colors or sizes with the same hook very easily. There are also many brands of hooks on the market with molded lead on the hooks.

A great technique for fishing rocks and points is inserting a roundball jig head into the center of the tube. I do this with an exposed hook. Pulling the bait like this is a deadly method in early spring and winter. The size of weight depends on which size crawfish tube you are using and how deep you are fishing. On the 3-inch crawfish tube I use a 1/16 oz. or a 14 oz. head. On the medium and large crawfish tubes I use a 1/8 oz. to 12 oz. weight.

Split Shotting and Carolina Rigging

Split shotting the 3-inch crawfish tube has become one of my confidence baits. I normally use a 1/0 Gamakatsu G lock hook. I prefer a Mojo style weight for this technique pegged anywhere from 6 inches to 24 inches above the bait.

For Carolina rigging I use the four and five-inch baits. Once again I use a 3/0 to 5/0 Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Superline hook for this. Adding Styrofoam to the middle of the crawfish tube will really give the bait buoyancy.

Don't ignore the fact that despite its life like appearance this is a tube bait. Use the tube chamber to your advantage. Add cotton to the tube and soak it with your favorite scent. There are a number of rattles on the market that also work great in the tube chamber. Continue to check this web-site for new tips and success stories. While you're at it, send us your stories and pictures as well.

Great fishing!

Jeff Kriet


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