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Sorry, no longer available

Minature Collectible
Quantum Energy E30 PTI Spinning Reel
on 15" Quantum Tour Edition Rod

Tech Tackle has licensed the rights to produce precision micro rods and reels with several major manufacturers. The first in the series of collectibles in a working Quantum Energy E30 PTI mounted on a 15" replica of the Quantum Tour Edition PT rod. The rod has relistic flex action with wound-on guides. The reel comes with line and a small hook on the end. Open the bail and let out your line. Close the bail and reel the line back in. The rod and reel combo come packed in a clear plastic tube. Pop out the ends of the tube and snap them together for a display stand. Insert the rod holder and then place your rod in it and you'll be ready,

The complete set as you see it in the photo is available for only $12.99.

Sorry, these are no longer available and we have been unable to find any more of them.








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