Power Skoop
The right answer for trout and crappie anglers
using Power Bait and other dough baits

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Here's a great idea
for trout and crappie
Power Bait users

Power Skoop

Now you can eliminate the big mess you get each time you go trout or crappie fishing with Power Bait or some of the other dough baits. This is the ticket for getting just the right amount of bait each time.

Use the Power Skoop to get a ball of your favorite bait. Then pull the leader line halfway through the bait ball just above the hook and slide the bait down onto the hook.

Gently squeeze the bait on the hook to secure it and you're ready to fish.

Available in our store for $2.99 or you can order online.

Read an article about this new tool by clicking here.

Sorry, we are out of Power Skoop right now. Check out the Berkley set below.

Berkley Dough Ball Former Set

Berkley Dough Bait Mold

Berkley has the tool you need for forming dough balls right on your treble hook. Set includes two scoops. One tool is for size 16 and smaller hooks while the other scoop is for size 12 and smaller.

You can form the perfect compressed dough ball for treble hooks while keeping unwated scents off bait and protecting your fingers from hooks.

Three easy steps

1. Place hook in mold.
2. Scoop bait in to mold and press together.
3. Release the press. Make sure bait ball is solid and hook is covered.

Available in our store for $4.99 or you can order online.

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