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Welcome to Zeiner's Angler Tips
Come back often, tips added as we receive them

Fishing Tips - Fly Fishing Tips

Here are some tips for keeping warmer while you're doing that winter fishing courtesy of the Beaver Dam Store crew! Read the Tips

Outdoor Tips from the Pros at Wrangler ProGear

- Fish generally move into the current, so make sure your lure doesn't surprise them from behind.

- Keep your rod tip in the water to prevent fish jumps (and hook tosses).

- On fishing and hunting trips with kids, take along pocket field guides so both the child and the adult can correctly identify fish, animals, wildlife tracks, plants, insects, birds and vegetation.

- Fish under residential docks on sunny days. For best results, skip your lure or bait under the dock.

Get a bite after midnight
At 2:00 a.m. most anglers are only dreaming about catching a big fish, but a few smart fishermen know that night time can be the right time for catching fish. Read Complete Tip

Bass Tournament Shortcuts
Have you ever noticed whether it be Club Tournaments, Divisional Tournaments (B.A.S.S. Federation, Red Man, Anglers Choice, etc.) and even the Pro Tournaments, usually you will see a hand full of the same anglers consistently "In-The-Money" most of the time. Read Complete Tip

Color Selection - by "The Bass Coach" (Roger Lee Brown)
Well, let me tell you a little secret that most anglers don't know!, and that is; "You don't need a multitude of colors in your arsenal." That's right! and let me say it again..... Read Complete Tip

Finesse Fishing - by "The Bass Coach" (Roger Lee Brown)
Finesse fishing is pretty much nothing more than "Down Sizing" a particular type of bait or lure. When it comes to winter fishing, or times throughout the year that are considered to be in-active, most anglers will find more success at catching bass by "Down Sizing" or "Finesse" fishing. Read Complete Tip

Fish Attractants - by "The Bass Coach" (Roger Lee Brown)
There has been a lot of controversy over "Fish Attractants" or otherwise known as "Fish Scents" or "Fish Formulas". In the past, I've noticed that many of my former bass angling students as well as my bass guide clients have always come prepared with plenty of "Fish Attractant", and wow! Do they ever use it! Read Complete Tip

Jerk Baits - by "The Bass Coach" (Roger Lee Brown)
Jerkbaits, without question would definitely fall in the "Top-10" category of all artificial baits used by Tournament Anglers in today's bass fishing mostly because these types of baits have proven themselves over and over to not only catch bass in numbers, but they catch quality bass as well. Read Complete Tip

Jigging Spoons - "The Bass Coach" ... (Roger Lee Brown)
Through out the past several years while fishing with co-anglers, charter clients, and some of my bass fishing school students, I have noticed that most of the fisherman and women dont carry jigging spoons in their boxes, in fact when I ask them if they've ever used one they usually reply that they have never used one or they wouldn't know the first thing about using them. Well, let me suggest to you that a jigging spoon is a very "Highly Productive" type of lure that you need to learn if you plan to do a variety of bass fishing. Read Complete Tip

Lure contrasts provide effectiveness
I've been fishing since I was 8 years old and began fishing artificials 25 years ago with Cotton Cordell's Big O crankbait and Bill Norman's Snatrix plastic worm. I've read hundreds of articles that gave reasons that fish attack lures, but my experience tells me that there are abstract qualities in a lure that cause it to be seen, tracked and bit. Read Complete Tip

Spinnerbaits - by "The Bass Coach" (Roger Lee Brown)
There are several different presentations and techniques that one can use when fishing with a spinnerbait, such as...Read Complete Tip

Texas Rigging a Worm - from M-F Manufacturing
It seems every year brings about a new way to rig worms, but the Texas Rig is probably still the choice of a wide number of anglers because of its ease of use and the results it produces. Illustrations show how to do it. Read Complete Tip

Understanding Bass Part 1 - by "The Bass Coach" (Roger Brown)
Bass fishing is a sport like many others that when it comes to knowledge and the understanding of the opponent it allows one to become more successful. Read Complete Tip

Understanding Bass Part 2 - by "The Bass Coach" (Roger Brown)
Bass fishing is a sport like many others that when it comes to knowledge and the understanding of the opponent it allows one to become more successful. Read Complete Tip

General Interest

Why Bass Fishing? - by "The Bass Coach" (Roger Lee Brown)
Everyday it seems that more and more of the general public (men, women, boys, and girls) are starting to take notice that there may be just a bit more to bass fishing that meets the eye than just the Sunday morning bass fishing shows they see on TV. Read Complete Tip

Do's and don't of fishing with kids
KETCHUM, Okla. -
Psst. Mom, Dad. If you're ready to take the little person
in your house on his or her first fishing trip, here are three words of advice:

Just have fun. Read Complete Tip

How To Tips

Take Better Care of Your Reels - by Bob Neice
The worst enemies of fishing reels are dirt, grime and pollutants from the water you are fishing in. Fishing reels should be cleaned and lubed no less than once a year, or more often if you are a tournament angler. Read Complete Tip

Take Better Pictures of Your Fish - by Larry Ranich & C. A. Riley
We're no experts by any stretch of the imagination, but through trial and ERROR we've found a couple of ways to improve our fish portraits. Read Complete Tip

Take Care of Your Fish - from Operation Bass
Keeping fish healthy in the livewell is important for tournament anglers and those not practicing catch and release. Several things can be done to help your fish remain healthy. Read Complete Tip

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