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Testimonials ~ Bowtie Family
The next "BEST IDEA" in fishing floats!


"I went fishing the other day, and used a new item which I found really great. One was a bowtie and one a corker. They are basically corks, but with a twist. Both of them floated high in the water and was two toned bright colors, which made for easy visibility. I found them great for marking troutlines and lim lines or jug lines. If you have a chance to use them, they were a pleasure to use."

Shelby G. Dixson
Owner of Shelby's Catfish Candy Mfg. Co.

Media Coverage

Featured in Wichita Eagle April 23, 2006

Featured on Jim Porter's Guide to Bass Fishing website

We come across some interesting fishing equipment at times.  The latest is a bobber mad by an outfit called Bowtie & Corker Float Mfg. Co.  There are two shapes of the bobber, but do exactly the same thing. 

Here are some of the characteristics that seem to make this device ideal for shiner fishing in areas of grass or wood:

1) It has a lot of facial contact with the water, making it stay pretty much in place even in the wind.  This resistance characteristic also makes it harder for a shiner to swim and drag the bobber, thus maybe cutting down on the lines getting crossed.  That ain't bad.  Most get blown to heck and back by winds.  We may be able to fish the bobbers and the shiners at other than downwind positions and have them hold in place longer.

2) (NOTE:  This bobber is rigger slip-bobber style, using a bobber stop for depth control.)  When you start to retrieve the bobber and shiner/live bait, the resistance to the water makes the bobber stay pretty much in place while the shiner/live bait is drawn vertically to the bobber.  Once the bait is up to the bobber, the whole rig can be retrieved.  The reason this has so much promise is that this lifts the hook nearly straight up and keeps us from dragging the bait and getting hung on wood or grass.  Sounds like a winner for tossing live bait into holes in the grass.

3) The bobber is shaped like a roll of quarters lying on its side.  There is a hole in the center of the side of the roll, going through to the other side.  The interior of the bobber is weighted in an offset manner so that the bobber floats with the hole openings in a horizontal position (i.e., side to side).  The bobber is painted two colors.  When the bobber is at rest, one color faces the angler.  If a fish pulls on the line, it causes the bobber to rotate so the hole through it(in which the line passes) is up-and-down.  That slight rotation causes the other color to come into view.  Even light bites or an active shiner signals activity with the changes to the color pattern.  I would think this is a more applicable to small bobber and panfish applications where light bites are hard to detect.

  Jim Porter

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