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Bowtie Family
The next "BEST IDEA" in fishing floats!

Available in our store for $3.69
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These one of a kind slip-floats are designed to lay flat in the water and eliminate line twist from fixed attachment floats. Its unique cylindrical shape uses the concept of mechanical rotation to create resistance. Upon a strike the float actually rotates showing the opposite color.

Because the shape of the float increases water resistance, it causes it to move in the direction of the strike creating better hook penetration.

Fish in the wind
Has a windy day ever stopped you from fishing? What if you could fish on the windiest of days while your float maintained its original position? What if an angler was allowed to maximize the use of natural habitat to catch more fish without having to worry about lost tackle?

All of these things and more can be accomplised with the new Bowtie™ and Corker™ Floats!

The Bowtie™ and Corker™ Float Manufacturing Company of Greensburg, KS has introduced what they call the next "Best Idea" in fishing floats with two new revolutionary designs. This new technology use "Facial Water Resistance" that allows anglers more time in the water and less time tying on new sets.

Retrieval of the float allows the facial resistance to hold the float in place and therefore the weight will rise vertically and make contact with the float. The best drop weight is 1/4 ounce. The floats can be used with prepared bait, live bait and artificial baits.

Anglers can mimic the movement of a plastic salamander that rises vertically for a breaty of air and allow if to float back to the bottom in a very natural fashion. The floats can be used with readily available bobber stops rigged according to the depth of the water, with beads as well as other companion rigging pieces available over the counter. The bobber stop will determine the depth that the bait will drop. The inventor's preference is the circle hook because of the rotation and resistant qualities.

Using t he Bowtie™ and Corker™ is easy. With the line stop installed at the desired fishing depth, the bead is then slipped onto the line to prevent the float from traveling up the line. The float is then slipped onto the line, along with the 1/4oz weight. Then the hook is tied on and the angler is ready to start fishing.

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Available in our store for $3.69
or you can

Order Now Corker or Bowtie

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